“If you can’t brag, you can’t sell your products, services or ideas!” Jeannette Seibly
Many people don’t like to brag because we’ve been taught it’s wrong and no one cares.

It’s time to get over that mis-perception!

Bragging and self-promotion are the keys to building a business and career you enjoy … it’s time to
learn how to brag in 5 easy steps!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create brag factors that promote you, your product and your ideas
  • Develop the confidence to brag and attract business and/or career opportunities
  • Use brags to attract funding resources, and win contracts and awards

Learn how to business-savvy brag and increase your sales and revenue!


Jeannette Seibly is The Leadership Results Coach and an award-winning executive coach and keynote speaker for 28 years. She is the author of “It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition” (BizSavvyBrag.com) and her newest book, “The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!” (CareerBragging.com)



"The Secret to Selling Yourself Anytime, Anywhere: Start Bragging!" (CareerBragging.com)

"It's Time to Brag! Business Edition" (BizSavvyBrag.com)

"How to Be a Fabulous Podcast Guest (and get invited back!)" (SeibCo.com/workbooks/)

"How to Keep Your Customers from Leaving" (SeibCo.com/workbooks/)

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