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Women entrepreneurs and career women are a special breed. We have to find ways to market, sell, produce, and deliver the goods – in other words - do it all.

Sometimes it’s difficult not only to get motivated but even more so, stay motivated.

Need an injection of motivation, inspiration, and education? We have it here!

Not your typical business expo vendors! 

  • Private, locally owned and operated companies (No network marketing/MLM vendors)
  • Exhibitors are of different business types (only 2 exhibitors per business category)
  • Exhibitors all meet SHE's reputation vetting process

Personal & Business Development Training

This is a must attend women's business expo and conference for women business owners, aspiring career women, women in business development roles, working mothers, and women of all ages! Read more about our speakers and trainers below.

"Developing a true marketing mindset: and why it's crucial", Lori DuBois of Marketing Troubadour

Keynote speaker: Jeannette Seibly, "Get Your Brag On!" Author of 'It's Time to Brag! 5 Amazing Steps to Sell Yourself'

"5-Ways to Gain Momentum with Your Social Media", Kim Naughtin of AEC Consultant Group

"Momentum: Let's Create Your Action Plan", Mary Gaul of Success Magnified

Our Speakers:

Lori Dubois, Owner of Marketing Troubadour - Developing a True Marketing Mindset: and why it's crucial

Stop right now! Before you spend a single dollar more, write your next word, or post your next post, take a minute to think about what you’re doing. Step away from the marketing and pause. Actually, what you’re doing is less important than the why when it comes to marketing. Having a true marketing mindset sets the foundation and guides every single marketing move you make. A true marketing mindset gives you an edge a lot of other entrepreneurs just don’t have.

Learn what it means to have a true marketing mindset, why it matters, and how you can develop one. Entrepreneurs often dive into marketing without a few basics that can change everything for your business. When you have precious little time, the right marketing mindset makes a huge difference!

Keynote: Jeannette Seibly of SeibCo, LLC - Get Your Brag On!

“If you can’t brag, you can’t sell your products, services or ideas!” Jeannette Seibly

Learn to business-savvy brag to increase sales and revenue!

Many people don’t like to brag because we’ve been taught it’s wrong and no one cares. It’s time to get over that mis-perception! Bragging and self-promotion are the keys to building a business and career you enjoy … it’s time to learn how to brag in 5 easy steps!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Create brag factors that promote you, your product and your ideas
  • Develop the confidence to brag and attract business and/or career opportunities
  • Use brags to attract funding resources, and win contracts and awards

Kim Naughtin of AEC Consultant Group - 5 Ways to Gain Momentum with Your Social Media

Are you putting a lot of effort into your social media and seeing very little return? Ever wonder why you even bother?

Join us as Kim reveals her top five strategies that will significantly impact your social media results. Not on social media? Well, if you decide to jump in, knowing these strategies will set you on the right path!

Mary Gaul of Success Magnified - Momentum: Let's Create Your Action Plan!

You have spent the day at the SHE Leads Expo – learning from the speakers, making new connections – your head may be spinning! You’ve taken pages of notes, collected many virtual business cards and although energized, you’re tired from being on Zoom all day!

Hang in there! Before you jump back into your email box, return those voicemails, or head to the couch, let’s put an action plan in place!

In this session you will learn:

  • 1 powerful tool to clear your head and focus on what’s important
  • 3 step action planning system
  • 5 T’s of Accountability

You will walk away knowing how to apply the information you learned, and how you will connect with the people you met.

Don’t let the information and connections sit in your notes – Keep up the MOMENTUM and start using it to grow your business!


Q: What does my $10 fee include?

A: Access to the 4 speaker's training sessions, exhibitor pages will stay active and they may have special expo only offers.

Q: How do I get into the recorded expo?

A: Once you have registered and paid for your ticket, you will be emailed your login credentials to access the expo website and recorded trainings. The online access stays live until January 29, 2021.

Q: What if I cannot make the day of the live event or have internet issues the day of the expo?

A: Your login credentials will be active for 90 days past the live expo date, so you can come and view the recorded trainings and visit the exhibitor pages after the event.