Welcome to SHE Connects!

SHE Connects is a virtual group for women who cannot make our regular bi-monthly leads group meetings (Members at large), for women who cannot find their business category open at other leads groups and for our SHE Leads Group member in other chapters to come and connect with other members nationally. SHE Connects is not business-category-exclusive like our regular leads groups.

Visit SHE Connects

WHEN: The 1st Monday of every month from 9-10 a.m.

WHERE: On this Zoom Link Meeting ID: 915 706 3421 Passcode: she

WHAT to expect: If you are new visiting us, we will want to know who you are. We ask that all members and guests share their virtual business cards in the chat. Everyone will be able to give a commercial. There will also be a professional or business development training along or other networking activity. We ask that you have your video on so that everyone can feel connected and engaged with each other.

Questions? Contact Beth@SheLeadsGroup.com

We hope to see you soon!