You’re a savvy businesswoman who knows the path to success includes quality networking and continued learning.

  • You tried a leads group in the past and it just wasn’t right for you
  • You’re tired of women’s events that are all socializing and no substance
  • You attend classes or workshops, but they have no human interaction
  • You’re on a waiting list for a leads group and want to keep connecting in the meantime
  • You can’t find the right community of supportive women
  • You’re tired of paying big bucks for little impact
  • You're a new start-up that can benefit from quality connections and training
  • You realized those free events don't really offer the value you expect

We get it. We’ve been to the meetups where you literally learn nothing and wish you’d never signed up and wasted your time. We’ve been to the networking events where the cliques are strong and obvious and you feel unwelcome. Sometimes it’s frustrating and sometimes it feels like somebody should make a better system so you didn’t have to go through the futile effort.

Good news! There is a better system. SHE Leads Group is introducing a new group just for you and women like you! The SHE culture is unique, fun, professional, and supportive. SHE attracts high-quality, professional women who are amazing at balancing work and home – SHE stands for Supporting Heart & EnterpriseTM. The SHE concept has been responsible for increased business, new friendships, business collaborations, and a feeling of overwhelming support.

Welcome to SHE Connects!

SHE Connects is a community designed especially for empowered, successful women who want to empower and support other women. Women who know they have a lot to give and believe that our influence and impact are strengthened when we learn and network together. Women who strive to learn all the time because we know that’s what it takes to stay relevant.

SHE Connects is associated with She Leads Group, but is a little different from our regular leads groups.

Membership Includes:

  • An annual membership with multiple opportunities to connect, learn, and network.
  • Attendance at twice a month virtual SHE Connects Group. Run in a similar format as a leads group meeting, without some of the requirements of our leads groups.
  • Attendance at up to 4 Next Level Training Events per year at half the public price, each of which includes expert guest trainers and a networking component.
  • FREE attendance at up to 12 business-category-exclusive virtual Speed Networking events per year. Registration is first-come, first-served and open for the current month and following month.
  • FREE attendance at up to 4 quarterly All Chapter-All Guest SHE Leads Group events per year.
  • FREE Access to the She SHARES Mobile App
  • FREE Access to the SHE Leads Group Members Only Facebook Group where you can promote your business.
  • 50% discount on all SHE 1:1 Training Power Hours.
  • Participation in SHE Annual Community Service Project serving selected women's non-profit groups.
  • Advantage of networking alongside existing SHE Leads Group members.
  • Be at the top of the waiting list for openings in SHE Leads Groups.
  • Option to transfer or upgrade into a SHE Leads Group if eligible and an industry spot opens up.
  • Opportunity to sponsor events, be a speaker, visit leads groups where your business category is not occupied (2 visits per year per chapter)

Pricing and Eligibility:
Annual membership fee of $345 per year (full value of all events listed above is over $900). There is a $100 registration fee that includes a full hour member orientation to make sure you understand how to access all your member benefits, assistance in writing your commercial to prospective clients and prospective referral partners, being added to the She SHARES mobile app member directory and a marketing consultation to identify your ideal clients and referral partners.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Business must be registered with the secretary of state, unless a direct sales/network marketing business. Start-ups are allowed, but must be full-time in their business and actively networking. Only one representative per network marketing/direct sales company is allowed per business category. Other eligibility requirements for start-ups and network marketing/direct sales apply.
  • Prospective member company and/or company representative must not have a negative online presence. Negative online reviews, poor BBB rating or complaints registered with the BBB will disqualify applicant.
  • Prospective member must not be in a leadership or officer position in another referral or networking group that SHE Leads Group views as a conflict of interest.
  • The business category(s) prospective member wishes to occupy must be representative of their primary business function(s). 
  • Prospective member must exemplify the reputation of a SHE Leads Group member having exceptional customer service, while providing a top-quality product/service at a fair price. Applicant's business must have the proper marketing materials to be seen as a credible business (ex. website, business card, LinkedIn or other social media business profile). Customer service evaluation on applicants includes, but is not limited to:
    • Being on time to meetings - being habitually tardy during the interview process is grounds for denying the application.
    • Applicant should be engaged and actively listening during meetings.
    • Good phone, email, voice mail and text etiquette - a minimum standard of the following will be evaluated during the interview process:
      • Applicant has a professional signature to their emails, and uses greetings and sign-offs.
      • Applicant has a professional voice mail greeting on any phone number listed for their business that includes their name and business name. Applicant will have voice mail in which messages can be left and does not have full voice mail box.
      • Applicant will be responsive to emails, voice mails and texts of the chapter's membership and Founder. Unresponsive applicants may be denied membership, as that can be an indication of how they could respond to referrals given. A prospective referral partner should receive the same customer service a prospective customer receives.
    • Professionalism and good manners.
  • Prospective member must read and agree to the SHE Leads Group Terms and Conditions.
  • Prospective member company and/or company representative must not have a negative online presence. Negative online reviews, poor BBB rating or complaints registered with the BBB will disqualify applicant.
  • Prospective member must be willing to invite guests that they know and who may be a good fit for SHE and be active in networking.
  • Prospective member must have a one-on-one meeting with SHE Founder, Beth Boen and/or group President prior to applying. Applying prior to this will disqualify application. Sign up for a one-on-one here.
  • Prospective member must either visit the group two times(without a member referral), or visit the group at least one time (with a member referral). During this visiting period, you are making an impression on current members, so be on time and be prepared to present a commercial. Existing members of chapters weigh-in on applications of new prospective members. Applying prior to this will disqualify application. Prospect will have to re-apply once requirements are met.
  • Prospective members must read and agree to uphold the SHE Culture and Values
  • Members understand the monthly SHE Connects meetings are NOT business category exclusive, but there will be a limit on how many in the same business category can join/attend. Only one representative per network marketing/direct sales company permitted.
  • Prospective member must be able to abide by the attendance policy on an ongoing basis.

    Since we only meet twice a month, excessive absence will result in forfeiture of your category spot. Excessive absence is defined as two unexcused absences in a three month period, three excused absences in a three month period, or two excused absences and one unexcused absence in a three month period. The member’s business category(s) officially opens up when any of these are met and the membership fee is non-refundable. An excused absence is one which cannot be avoided or has been communicated prior to the meeting to the Chapter Coordinator. (See our full Attendance Policy) Corporate members most follow the attendance policy for both chapters they are enrolled.

    Habitual tardiness is not permitted and can because for denying an application.

If it’s time to grow your business, you are a giver, and you want to be included in the SHE culture, SHE Connects may be just the group you’ve been waiting for!

If you meet the eligibility requirement, apply to join today!

Contact SHE Founder, Beth Boen at 303-981-1541 or for questions.