Sarah Rau is a Financial Service Representative at Guaranty bankSarah has been in banking over 3 years, and comes from a family of bankers.  Sarah loves working for Guaranty Bank because it is a local bank that focuses on building customer relationships.  She enjoys teaching everyone what she knows about banking.  From the person who has never had a bank account before, or even a negative experience with a bank, to people who have a long banking relationship already, she’s always excited to give tips and teach about new technologies!

Sarah is married and is a mom to two cats, Momo and Khufu.  When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking and long walks in the sun, playing video games, and watching Japanese animation.

Ideal Client:

Anyone who is currently with a big box bank, or doesn't have a bank account at all, and may be feeling jaded about banking customer service.

Business Power Partners:

Trust and estate attorneys, financial planners, mortgage brokers, and CPAs.


Contact Info: