Patty Howe is the owner and photographer of Patty's Pet Photography. Celebrate their spirits! Patty specializes in creating timeless portraits which reflect the unique spirit of each pet and the special bond which exists between pets and their people. Anyone who has a pet knows how special they are and how much they give us. Patty marvels that a furry four legged being can connect from what appears to be the depth of its soul. See the beautiful love connection that extends beyond time reflected in your images.

Choose the environment that you and your pet are most comfortable in which reflects the beauty of your relationship. Patty uses a Canon 5D Mark III high resolution, high speed digital camera which provides exceptional detail and excellent large prints. Choose extraordinary images to be displayed in your home. Images will not be photoshopped but are authentic. Exceptions will be made in unusual circumstances.

Patty is a published photographer. She created the images for the book titled “Dog Walking…. Safety and Etiquette” written by Sunny Weber. She is also the photographer for the Colorado Business Women in the DTC area.

Ideal Client:
Anyone who knows the beauty of their pet’s spirit and the unique loving connection that exists.

Business Power Partners:
Veterinarians, pet store owners, groomers, boarding and day care facilities, dog breeders, pet walkers and sitters.

Contact Info: