Annette Aldridge is with CornerStone Auto Glass. Annette is the Sales and marketing director and loves to educate the public about auto safety.

CornerStone Auto Glass provides safe, quality auto glass installation in a variety of vehicles. CornerStone Auto Glass also repairs and replaces regulators, provides headlight polishing, performs auto restoration, chip repair, and a variety of other services in compliance with the AGSC standards for safety.

Annette educates and creates public awareness so people may make informed choices for themselves. CornerStone Auto Glass has a 5 star rating and occupies the auto glass/window category. 

Ideal Client:

Individuals, business owners, insurance agents, anyone who drives a vehicle and is interested in learning how to maximize the safety of their family, friends, and colleagues on the road. Parents and fleet owners/managers.

Business Referral Partners:

Auto insurance agents and brokers, auto body shops, automotive repair business, auto detail and car wash owners.

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