SHE Leads Group is looking for women in business development roles who want to be Chapter Presidents and will uphold our culture and mission.

Benefits of starting your own women's leads group chapter:

  1. Can't get into other high-quality women's leads groups because your business category is always one of the first to be filled? Starting your own women's leads group chapter, gives you the benefit of assuring your spot in up to three business categories relating to your business.

  2. In the leadership role of your chapter's leads group, you can hand pick those who you know that match up to the SHE Leads Group culture, values, mission and eligibility requirements. Your chapter's leads group will have people you have invited and know you can stake your reputation on them.

  3. Chapter Presidents are often viewed as a leader in the community and a resource in their network. In this position people will begin to see you as a resource and they will think of you as, “If you need a quality resource for anything, [fill in your name] will know someone.” This will help your business's top of mind awareness in the community. Additionally, Chapter Presidents gain credibility with other members, as Chapter Presidents have been trusted with this position by the Founder of the organization and have gone through rigorous vetting. 

  4. As a thank you for volunteering, Chapter Presidents receive a free Presidential Membership into their chapter's leads group. ($1,100 value)

  5. Chapter Presidents are recognized every year at annual holiday party and presented with a gift.

  6. You will have access to all the tools to assist in starting a chapter. No need to start a leads group from scratch. SHE Leads Group provides you with the business model and tools to be successful.

Profile of a Successful SHE Leads Group Chapter President:

  1. SHE is a giver, not a taker. 

  2. SHE has a well-established network of people who know, like and trust her in the area in which she desires to start a leads group chapter.

  3. SHE has a successful business that has been established, offers a top-quality product/service, provides exceptional customer service and value. Her follow-up, follow through and organization is exemplary.

  4. SHE is a kind, polite and professional person who is willing to help her fellow leads group members.

  5. SHE desires to take her business to the next level and values the ongoing business development training she will receive through SHE Leads Group. She will enjoy training others. She is looking forward to taking the leadership role and training the curriculum offered on the SHE Leads Group website. She is excited to share and learn this training, as she knows it will help her in her own business. 

  6. SHE has a career or business in which she desires to make a full-time income. Her career or business is not a part-time, supplemental, or something she does for residual income. Rather it is something in which she desires to prosper.

  7. SHE is an enthusiastic, go-getter who will invite guests to her leads group chapter and follow up with guests.

  8. SHE loves being around people - it feeds her soul. She plans on being diligent about her meeting attendance at her SHE Leads Group chapter.

  9. SHE is excited to make connections and enjoys networking.

  10. SHE is a great listener and does not have a habit of interrupting people. She does not have the motive of turning conversations back on herself to bring more attention to her. She realizes that the best way to bring attention to her value is by being a great listener to people’s needs and being a resource to help them.

Chapter Presidents are needed to start leads groups in Colorado and the Denver metro area. If you are a well connected and established woman in business who is interested in finding out what it takes to start a chapter, please complete our questionnaire below. Founder, Beth Boen will personally follow up on all inquiries. Beth Boen will personally assist Chapter Presidents in setting up new leads group chapters using the SHE Leads Group business model. If you are well-connected to quality businesses and well-respected in your area, starting a leads group is easy with the SHE Leads Group Operations Manual and personal assistance of Beth Boen. 

Chapter Presidents receive a free Presidential Membership into SHE Leads Group. For duties and responsibilities of the SHE Leads Group Volunteer Chapter Positions, click here.

See all the SHE Leads Group Member Benefits and Member Requirements.

Presidential Membership includes all the benefits of Corporate Membership plus:

  • Free access to all signature series training workshops and events ($300 value each)
  • Free 3-4 minute recorded video interview that can be used on Member Profile page, promoted on SHE Leads Group social media pages, and available to President with video hosted on YouTube. ($100 value)
  • Social media ad graphics and posts for President of the Chapter - promoting their chapter and them. 
  • No registration fee is a new member. ($100 value)