Megan Durocher is the founder and director of Fit Learning in Denver. Fit Learning started in 1998 in a broom closet at University of Nevada, Reno. The original founders of Fit Learning license the Fit Learning Model, and now there are 22 Fit Learning laboratories worldwide (and growing)! Megan is extremely grateful for the opportunity to bring Fit Learning to Denver, and it has truly been a transformational experience for Megan.

As a learning coach, Megan finds such joy getting to know each learner she supports, and being able to directly observe each learner’s growth. The Fit Method includes the principles of learning science, a precise progress monitoring system, and a combination of evidence-based instructional methods. Fit Learning is a transformational process that typically produces 1 year of academic growth in 40 hours.

Ideal Learner:

A child who is struggling in school, is bored in school and wants to advance, or needs an enriched learning environment. Also, the family needs to be 100% committed to their child’s education.

Business Power Partners:

Parents, teachers, psychologists, other professionals who work directly with children.

Contact Info:

Phone: 303-981-9767