Jessica Olma is the owner of Scribe Syndicate, Digital Content Writing. The business was founded in 2012 to help business owners craft language for their websites, blog articles, and other materials that would share their level of quality and expertise.

I help you describe your business by explaining who you are, your passion for your product or service, and what you offer that makes your business uniquely valuable. Whether you are having a new website built or updating the old one to reflect changes, I help you discover a voice and choose the right words for your personality and intended audience. I work directly with business owners, web designers, and marketing consultants to match copy needs to your project. You may have decided to start a blog or improve the information going out on an existing one to reach a more sophisticated audience. Often, blog material can be repurposed for newsletters and social media to expand your online presence. Whatever your needs, we can make it a seamless process to write, edit, and enhance your copy for SEO purposes. You’ll get it posted or published regularly and on time. Ask for a free consultation and include your marketing specialist or team to discuss your goals. To learn more, contact me online or email me at

Ideal Clients:
Business owners across industries that are trying to improve their visibility online by updating their websites and using high-quality content to drive traffic. I work with web designers and marketing consultants for the best client results.

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Web designers Marketing Consultants Business Coaches Small Business Owners ready for growth

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