Elwena Blom is the founder and owner of Elle Photography, a luxury portrait studio based in Denver, CO.

Elle Photography offers a full studio experience to their clients with complimentary professional hair and makeup and styling. We do consultations before each session to design and plan how you’d like to be photographed. Nothing is cookie cutter or treated the same. We offer contemporary portraits - individual, small groups and family including generational portraits, maternity portraits as well as newborn portraits.

Elle Boudoir Studio is part of Elle Photography. When people hear boudoir they think it is just size 0 girls in lingerie, but at our studio we focus on body positivity and inclusivity, telling your story through strong imagery. Every BODY is welcome and no excuses allowed. For some it is overcoming a particular event in their lives or it can be a celebration of a age milestone. We encourage this to be a self-love, upbuilding experience and not just as a gift to someone. This should be a gift to yourself first.

About Elwena (Elle):
Elwena was born and raised in the Western Cape region of South Africa, and studied photography as part of her Graphic Design degree. After graduating, she moved to England for 8 years, before moving to Denver in 2006. She mostly worked as a graphic designer and photography as a hobby until 2017 when her company dissolved and she decided to start Elle Photography.

Even with over 20 years of experience she still constantly invest in continual education to perfect her craft and to learn about business. She is part of the Sue Bryce Education community. She has won several awards over the past few years and is on her way to be accredited as a Portrait Masters Associate. She regularly get published in local and International magazines and her goal is to eventually teach workshops and train other photographers.

Services offered:
● Contemporary portraits
● Maternity portraits
● Newborn portraits
● Baby milestone portraits
● Motherhood portraits
● Generational portraits
● Creative / artistic portraits
● Professional headshots / Personal Branding
● Boudoir portraits
Every session is created and planned according to your needs and your style.

Full Studio Printing Services:
As a professional photo studio, Elle Photography, gets you access to the world’s best printing labs ensuring longevity of your printed products. We offer products and wall art that is selected after your session. You only need to purchase what you absolutely love and we’ll get that designed for you into albums, prints in folio display boxes or gorgeous wall art. Everything is done for you and I’ll even get a handyman to hang your artwork for you if needed.

Ideal Client:
● Professional working individuals or couples
● My maternity & newborn clients are usually late 30’s, professional and expecting their first/only child
● Clients are usually in their 30’s and up
● Currently running a 50 over 50 campaign focussing on anyone over the age of 50 - offer with purchase and exhibition gala

Power Partners:
Anyone with a 30+ professional client base
Lawyers (I often get after divorce clients)

Elle Photography
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Elle Boudoir Studio (part of Elle Photography)
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