Dr. Kim is a Naturopathic physician holding additional certifications in several modalities of natural health care. Included are: advanced laser therapy, accelerated healing techniques for chronic pain and injury care and sports medicine, allergy desensitization, Emotional Freedom Technique, Trauma Release and christian spiritual counsel. Although a nurse at the time, Kim began her pursuit of holistic health in 1988 with Iridology and Herbal Treatise, completed two years of midwifery training in 1998 and completed her PhD in natural medicine with an emphasis in psychology in 2002.

The root cause of illness and chronic conditions is as multifaceted as the human being itself. Kim’s expertise and multiple modality approach combined with keen insight enables healing on many levels to ensue. Kim comes along side the client empowering them to take control of their own health, encouraging them in their gifting and passions, and strategizing with them for success in their journey to health.

Kim views each client as unique, many as diamonds in the rough just waiting to release their brilliance. What a rewarding position to watch that brilliance shine as people come into wholeness.

Ideal Client:
Anyone who “is at the end of their rope” so to speak. People that have physical or emotional conditions that haven’t responded to other forms of medical or natural intervention. People that feel like they are stuck. People complaining of any health related condition. Ages: newborn to elderly.

Business Power Partners:
Chiropractors, acupuncturist, massage therapists, life coaches, sports coaches, physical therapists.

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