Connie Pshigoda is a Natural Health Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist, founder of Wellness For All Seasons and award winning author. Connie brings her passion for Nature’s nourishment “to the table” in her writings, coaching and presentations.

Her 40+ year education and career journey in holistic health has convinced her that the time tested truths of choosing from Nature’s Pantry, rather than the manufactured, manmade foods, promise a life of exceptional health and vitality!

Using the wisdom of Nature, Connie guides her clients in managing their menus with seasonal flavor and flair. She guides her readers and clients through a wellness process of rebuilding, restoring and renewing so that they may reap the rewards of a vibrant life––in every season.

Ideal Client:
1) Women who may be struggling with the aging process and are showing early signs of decline in health and energy.
2) Women who may be ready to make lifestyle/health improvements, but don’t know where to begin.
3) Women who may be experiencing digestive discomforts, circulation or inflammation issues.

Business Power Partners:
Hair Stylists / Life Coaches / Personal Trainers / Massage Therapists / Image Consultants / Financial & Estate Planners

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