Allicia Thompson is a Licensed Sales Producer & Customer Care Representative for the Haylee Jeon Allstate Agency. 

Allicia is a trusted insurance advisor with the Haylee Jeon Allstate Agency. The Haylee Jeon Allstate Agency specializes in educating customers on property and home insurance. Doing so helps customers understand how the insurance process works and what their insurance can do for them in the event of a claim. Having the wrong insurance or not enough insurance can be detrimental to anyone's life. Just like everything else in our world, each person has different needs. We treat insurance the same and customize insurance to meet their needs.

Allicia handles all customer service needs in their agency. This means if you need to file a claim, help during a claim, an ID card, questions on insurance, or simply need a new policy, Allicia can help with that!

Recently, Allicia was able to help a single mom save over $1,600 on her homeowners insurance just in time for Christmas! Allicia listened to her insurance needs and examined her current policy. Allicia realized she was under insured and had a terribly high deductible with an agent who never called her for a review. Moving her to the Haylee Jeon Allstate Agency meant she received more coverage, a lower out of pocket deductible and an even better rate. Now she has a local agency to call for all of her needs and even better, an agent that will call her to go over her policy and offer new discounts that come out! Helping customers like that makes Allicia truly love her career.

Ideal Client
-Homeowners or first time home buyers
-Someone with a previous bad claims experience
-Anyone with multiple assets (car, house, motorcycle, RV, rental properties, etc.)
-Someone with a new roof
-An individual looking for a more personalized insurance experience

Business Power Partners:
Real estate agents. mortgage lenders, roofing contractors, auto lenders/brokers, general contractors, personal injury attorney.

Contact Info:
303-904-1611 (office)