Cassandra Miller is the owner of RETrainCassandra is a massage therapist, Certified Level I Rossiter, Certified Stretching Instructor and Exercise Scientist who realized during COVID last that while all of her training could be beneficial to her clients, all of it ultimately left them dependent on her. Wanting others to see true, simple, and long-lasting relief from their aches and pains, she put together a new system that is not only revolutionary, it is profound in being able to set people free from repetitive appointments and repeat expenses. And she is ready to share it with you!

Ideal Client:
Business professionals, 40-70 years old, experiencing physical pain and/or movement limitations, hoping to avoid surgeries, pills, and shots, who are wanting a simple, non-invasive, healthy alternative.

Power Partners:
Retirement Financial Planners, Business Lawyers, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, and anyone else working closely with business owners/solopreneurs, or in the alternative medicine realm.

Contact Info:
(970) 576-0483