My name is Peggy Lee. Owner of PeggySuz Studio; a portrait and personal branding photographer.

I’m married and a mother of one daughter and have two grandchildren.

My love for photography started when I was young with my first film camera. I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado, in the field of photography in 1986. I officially opened my studio in 2007.

I no longer shoot weddings, but my specialties are maternity, contemporary Vanity Fair style glamour, boudoir portraiture, commercial head shots and personal brand photography.

I began my journey in the service of photography with shooting weddings but that was not my passion. I found I enjoyed creating images that had a more artful approach and feel and decided I would take a different path. That’s when the contemporary glamour service began for me.

I love, love helping women of all shapes, ages and sizes feel as beautiful and confident in front of the camera and creating what might possibly be the best picture they’ve ever had taken of themselves. Building confidence, one woman at a time. I truly enjoy providing my glamour clients a day of pampering with a hair and make-up artist, champagne mimosas, snacks, a wardrobe stock to play dress-up and a fun, beautiful photo shoot that they will never forget. Not only that, but the end result, are portraits that will be heirlooms for their loved ones that preserved their legacy. I feel it’s so important to keep the idea of physical portraits alive in this digital age as there are no guarantees that any form of digital storage will endure the test of time, obsolescence, corrupt files, etc. A printed portrait, on the other hand, and if cared for properly, will be an heirloom that can last up to 150 plus years. And in today’s digital environment, it’s now being discovered that Millenials and Gen Z generations are fast becoming what is known as the “lost generation,” due to the only known photos of them exist exclusively in digital form that no one ever prints or creates albums of. When their children look for photos of their parents and ancestors, what will they find? I feel it is my duty to create wall art and legacies until I am no longer able to.

With regard to the personal branding and head shot photography service I offer; In November of 2018, I discovered that there was only a handful of photographers that were offering the service of personal brand photography to Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Bloggers and with that, the need for an updated look of head shots as well. I also found that businesses who were heavy in daily social media postings, were posting low quality selfies and stock photography which is not an authentic representation of themselves. It’s just fodders for posting. Hence, the personal branding, which is authentic imagery of themselves, told in “stories” that they can edit and add filters to, royalty free. All sized and ready to post daily without wondering what they want to post that day. “What does that look like” is a question I’m often asked. It begins with my client and I collaborating together by answering a questionnaire and deciding what they want their “stories” to say and how many stories based on the package quantity chosen. Some clients prefer a recurring 90-day package which includes 90 images for 90 days of posting each quarter for a year. That means a quarter of the year is all shot in one day and they have a full library of images to choose from daily to post. A shot list is then created, followed by a photoshoot to create images for the number of days of posting based again, on package purchase. The client then chooses the agreed upon number of images from the day’s shoot, and I then edit, retouch and size those images for social media as well as printing up to 8x10 for commercial use. The images are all shot with enough white space so they can add their own text overlays directly onto the image to further elevate their brand messaging as well as their own filters and any other editing they choose.

My head shot style is a more modern look with more of a half-body pose involved rather than just the head and shoulders look. That may still be okay for models and actors, but it’s no longer a look that people want for their profile images in all of the social media platforms and print materials. Head shots are also no longer just for executives anymore.

I believe in quality, 5-star customer service, honesty and loyalty as the qualities from which I strive to provide to my clients. I believe in making it as comfortable and easy to do business with me as well.

My ideal client:
High-level Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Bloggers that self-promote on social media and no longer have the time to dedicate to figuring out what images they are going to post on social media day-to-day as well as business owners that are in need of updated, quality head shots.

Business Power Partners:
Marketing and personal brand coaches/consultants that offer everything personal branding, but need that one extra connection of a personal brand photographer to fully service their clients.

Contact Info:
303-229-4683 |