Jessi Burg, is the founder of Outgrow Your Garage and has spent her entire career in seasonal industries. From summer camps to outdoor education to landscaping, she brings a unique perspective on company organization. In 2017, she started Pears to Perennials, a landscaping maintenance company. Over its five year history, Pears to Perennials has had near zero staff turnover and averages an 85% client retention rate. During peak season, Jessi manages a staff of 11 employees.

Jessi started teaching other companies her strategies after earning a reputation for meaningful staff engagement and values-driven culture. This passion for helping other businesses achieve their goals gave rise to Outgrow Your Garage, a business learning community focused on trades and home services. Outgrow Your Garage works with entrepreneurs who need to hire their first employee, or are struggling with how to grow their business and don't know where start. Outgrow Your Garage offers training programs to hone operational processes to scale, when scaling means you have to hire more employees. They also help business owners who are struggling to find resources that fit their business or budget.Jessi provides all the resources she wished she had when she started her other company Pears to Perennials at a price she could afford. She is a great resource for you to know.