Christine Daspro is the CEO of Threads of Leadership. Christine is not just an inspirational leader; she is a storyteller. She empowers leaders to unleash their potential by focusing on a higher level of connecting, sharing and storytelling. Corporate organizations, nonprofits and entrepreneurs experience the mind shift that takes place when leaders embrace Christine’s message. For those who lack the confidence or skill set to articulate their own story, this fresh approach is often the catalyst to change.

A New Yorker at heart, Christine now lives the Rocky Mountain Lifestyle in Denver, Colorado, where she founded Threads of Leadership. Threads of Leadership offers a network of skilled speakers and unique resources which inspire leaders and arm them with practical skill development tools. Through motivational speaking and curating powerful connections, Christine communicates her compelling vision and offers an alternative approach to traditional leadership development.

Christine’s deep level of subject matter expertise comes from a diverse career background and more than thirty years spent with well-respected companies including Merrill Lynch and The Leadership Investment.

Connecting people is at the core of what Christine does. She shares, “I spent more than thirty years weaving a tight network which can now open doors for other leaders. Using these threads to help others is exciting and makes me feel that the long hours and years of hard work were worth it.” Her artful relationship style is evident in the culture at Threads of Leadership. The team of talented authors and speakers who are a part of the organization, share Christine’s passion and vision for supporting and developing leaders. The result for clients is a higher level of team engagement and organizational success.

“Your story is the greatest gift you can give to another person.”

Ideal Client:
• Individual Contributors, New Managers, Solo Entrepreneurs, Individuals in Transition that want to overcome “Impostor Syndrome” in their leadership. Anyone that wants to learn to develop confidence, authenticity, and uniqueness in their leadership style. The best way to overcome one if not all the obstacles is to use your story as the foundation to lead.

Business Power Partners:
• Small to mid-size companies, Solo Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce, Business/Life Coaches. LinkedIn connections

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