Valerie Recore, Stride Productivity - Productivity Specialist. Time Giver. Decision Maker. Valerie is also the Secretary of the Denver West Chapter.

Moms do too much. You take on all the tasks and feel like you failed when the tasks don’t all happen. Here’s the secret - you can’t do it all! And you shouldn’t have to.

With a background in mental health and corporate training, Valerie supports you in:
• Being in control of your time.
• Clarifying priorities.
• Being more proactive.
• Creating time to be with your family.

Call Valerie if you want to:
• Carve out time for yourself and your family.
• Stop the mom guilt when it comes to feeling like you’re never doing enough!
• Have a sense of peace and accomplishment at the end of the day.

Ideal Clients:
Overwhelmed women or working moms who are ready to have a better relationship with their time. Clients are ready to make changes in how they spend their time and are ready to try something different!

Referral Partners:
Businesses working with women and moms.

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