Margot Zaher, owner of the Women’s Empowerment Academy, is a Life Empowerment and Relationship coach who specializes in helping women get unstuck from stagnant lives and relationships by befriending fear, transforming unhealthy patterns, and shifting from overwhelm into inspired action so that they become unstoppable in the pursuit of their heart’s desires. 

Margot, who holds an MBA and a Masters in Psychology, is a certified professional coach, Enneagram Coach, hypnotherapist, and EMDR Facilitator. She has over 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of clients get unstuck from mindset traps and manifest their best lives. She is the creator of the Ignite Connection Method and the author of the Amazon bestseller “The Golden Cage: From Entrapment To Empowerment” where she guides readers through a step by step approach to identify and break free of Life Cage’s. 

Life Empowerment Coaching:

The key to being successful in your life and relationships is to reclaim your authentic power and operate from this place of empowerment.  Most people though, because of past conditioning and failures, feel disempowered in one or more areas of their lives. Do you feel stuck or disempowered in part of your life? 

If you relate to any of the following experiences, you may be experiencing some level of disempowerment:

  • You keep sabotaging your best laid plans, and don’t understand why.
  • You feel overwhelmed by what life seems to be throwing at you and want to feel like you are steering the vehicle of your life, but if feels out of control and not going in the right direction.
  • You feel stuck in a life cage - a cage you’ve built around yourself that is keeping you from pursuing your dreams or desires.
  • Fear keeps stopping you from going after something you truly desire.
  • You feel stuck in an unhealthy relationship, and powerless to make any changes.
  • You plan what to do and perhaps get started, but obstacles come up along the way that result in you giving up instead of moving forward.
  • You feel unheard and railroaded in interactions with someone important to you. You feel that your opinions, thoughts, and desires are not listened to or respected and you want to feel more empowered to express what you truly feel or need.

If any of the above rings true for you, I can help you transform these disempowering experiences by clearing unhealthy patterns and reclaim your natural powerful nature so that you can manifest the success you desire in your life and relationships.  To discover how I can support you, sign up for a FREE no obligation no pressure intro session:

Relationship Coaching:

Do you suffer from any of the following relationship challenges?

  • You feel lonely and disconnected from your significant other, like you are living with a roommate instead of a soulmate.
  • You do not feel heard or understood by your partner and worse yet, you keep getting into fights despite your best communication efforts.
  • You wonder where all of the love and juicy intimacy you used to have with your partner has gone and whether you can get it back.
  • You are wondering if you should leave your marriage or relationship because you are unhappy and are not getting your needs met.
  • You keep getting into relationships that start out great, and then deteriorate quickly into something that is unhealthy and dysfunctional. Thus, you are now single, but don’t want to stay that way.

If you relate to any of the above, my one-on-one tailored relationship coaching and Ignite Connection Programs (facilitated or DIY) can help you. Specifically, I can support you in putting an end to distancing and fighting, and rebuild deep connection, trust, and intimacy with your partner.  Or if you are currently single, I can help you transform limiting beliefs, and shift out of unhealthy patterns that keep creating unworkable relationships, and support you instead in manifesting your ideal relationship. To discover how I can support you in creating your dream relationships, sign up for a FREE no obligation no pressure intro session:

Enneagram Trainings:

Do you own a small business or are a member of a team? One of the biggest challenges for businesses is personnel that do not get along with each other. When members of an organization do not understand each other, arguments or gossiping about others can arise. Productivity can be severely decreased if any of member of your staff feels alienated, misunderstood, or labelled. 

As a certified Enneagram Coach, I lead Enneagram Trainings for small businesses and teams to help them improve their employees' or team members' productivity, motivation, and understanding of each other. The Enneagram is a tool that helps small business owners and managers understand what motivates and drives their employees’ or team members’ behaviors, what communication styles work best for each of them, and what they need to be motivated and inspired in the workplace.

If you wish to better understand your staff or team, and improve your company’s productivity and culture, then contact me to learn more about my tailored Enneagram trainings.

Ideal Clients:

Relationship Coaching:  

  • Women (and couples) who want to take their marriage or committed relationship to a new level of health and connection.
  • Women and couples whose relationship are plagued by disconnection and fighting and want to rebuild connection, trust, and intimacy in their relationship.
  • Single professional and entrepreneurial women (35 to 65) who have a history of unhealthy relationships and are ready to attract and create healthy romantic relationships.
  • Individuals who have a challenging relationship with a loved one, colleague, or friend and want to improve their ability to understand and communicate effectively with this important person in their lives.

Life Empowerment Coaching:

  • Professional and entrepreneurial women who feel stuck in their personal life and have a personal goal they can’t seem to achieve.
  • Women who are in transition (divorce, transitioning to a new career, starting a new job, relocating).
  • Women who are keeping themselves in a life cage due to anxiety or fear.

Enneagram Trainings:

  • Small business owners who have challenges with their staff not getting along or being highly productive and want to empower their employees through Enneagram training.
  • Small to mid-sized organizations with teams that want to improve the cohesiveness of the team and promote better understanding and productivity among team members.

Business Power Partners:

Psychotherapists, Business Coaches, Divorce Coaches, Organizational Coaches, Hair Stylists, Podcast Hosts, Small Business Owners (for Enneagram Trainings), Small organizations with teams (for Enneagram Trainings)

Contact Info:

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