Jessi Burg, is the founder of Outgrow Your GarageOutgrow Your Garage offers online courses and virtual co-working to help small trade and service businesses grow. Their courses are focused on business operations, helping businesses solve specific issues and plan for future growth. Each course can be done in small units, allowing busy entrepreneurs to learn from anywhere. Twice weekly co-working sessions create community and accountability, ensuring business owners are developing management skills that grow with their business.

In addition to virtual programming, Outgrow Your Garage offers in-person workshops for companies looking to help their employees grow. Specific topics include training for writing project scopes, streamlining hiring operations, and automating client communications. Other topics can be tailored to individual business needs.

Ideal clients:
Small trade/service businesses with less than 5 people and are looking to grow
Companies that have operate in person and cannot be done remotely
Businesses that typically need to do an estimate or project scope before beginning the work
Mobile companies that have more job locations than staff

Business Referral Partners:
Business coaches
Anyone who is involved in small business development or launching
Accountants, bookkeepers
Commercial realtors
Sales and Marketing consultants
Graphic Designers
Temp agencies

Contact Info:
Business Phone: 720-295-9221