Purpose: To ensure all the responsibilities of the chapter are met without overburdening any one member; to ensure consistency of how each chapter is run; to recognize those volunteering.

Scope: To be applied to members volunteering for the chapter board positions.

Responsible Persons: Volunteer chapter positions.

Policy: The following volunteer positions should be held by persons who plan on being diligent with their meeting attendance (being exemplary in attendance and not missing more than two meetings in any three month rolling period). They will have a warm, friendly, and professional demeanor. Holding one of the following three positions provides a complimentary membership into SHE Leads Group while holding the volunteer position. Holding a volunteer chapter position also provides those members with more visibility to the chapter members. Each SHE Leads Group chapter should try to fill the following positions to help divide the responsibilities of running a chapter, so as not to burden any one member.

  • SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen – Will help set-up new chapters and provide the Chapter President with as much assistance as possible. Assistance may include:
    • Prospecting for new members, free meeting locations and training speakers.
    • Forwarding applications and interest surveys to the Chapter President.
    • Managing the SHE Leads Group website and training curriculum.
    • Managing the SHE Leads Group Facebook page with announcements on new chapters forming, new members, special events, and meeting dates, times and training speakers.
    • Managing the SHE Leads Group MeetUp.com page.
    • Attending meetings as a member as often as possible.
    • Being available to chapters in-person or remotely through virtual meeting access to conduct training when needed.

  • Chapter President – The Chapter President will be responsible for the following:
    • Inviting guests, following up with guests and converting guests into members.
    • Run all the meetings and in their absence find someone to fill in for these duties.
    • Confirm the business development trainer, or be equipped to teach the curriculum.
    • Select a member to share a secret fun factoid ahead of each meeting.
    • Ensure the meeting venues have the necessary A/V equipment for the meeting presenters and arrive 10-15 minutes early to set-up for each meeting.
    • Start and end the meeting on time and stay on the agenda.
    • Respond to all chapter applicants/get membership feedback.
    • Update and maintain their Chapter’s SHE Leads Group notebook. Bring it to every meeting and make sure members have their business cards in the book.
    • Share social media posts.
  • Chapter Secretary – The Chapter Secretary will be responsible for the following:
    • Confirm meeting rooms when necessary
    • Maintain the Member in the Spotlight and training schedule
    • Send an email reminder to the Member in the Spotlight the Friday before every meeting
    • Take notes at each meeting and send the after-meeting notes in a follow up email. Notes should include, thanks to presenters (especially if a guest trainer), specific asks that members make and business items that were discussed about the chapter. The Chapter Secretary should let the Chapter President proof all emails before sending it out to the membership.
    • Use a timer to keep presenters on time. Inform Member in the Spotlight and trainer presenters they will receive a wrap-up time warning (2 minutes for the Member in the Spotlight presentation and 5 minutes for trainer presentation). Additionally, the Chapter Secretary will time the member 60 second commercials.
    • Take attendance at each meeting and marking excused vs. unexcused absences.
    • Share social media posts by SHE Leads Group Founder and/or Chapter President.

If the Chapter Secretary is absent from the meeting the Chapter President can take on these responsibilities or delegate them to others in attendance.

Interested members seeking one of these volunteer positions should contact SHE Leads Founder, Beth Boen, or call 303-981-1541.