Purpose: To ensure members are committed to the chapter; to vet applicants desiring to join SHE Leads Group, to help ensure the highest quality members and meet the criteria for membership.

Scope: To be applied to all applicants

Responsible Persons: Prospective members desiring to join SHE Leads Group and current chapter’s members.


SHE Leads Group has members who are well-established, have their own network to share, are supportive and can offer sound advice on business matters to fellow members. Many SHE Leads Group members have had failures and successes building their business from the ground up. They built something from nothing and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. For this reason, SHE Leads Group has a thorough vetting process.

Our process checks that an applicant:

  • Is not a start-up business
  • Does not have a negative online presence
  • Is involved in networking with other groups
  • Exhibits exceptional customer service qualities with customers and referral partners
  • Is not part of a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Sales company
  • Is a giver and not a taker
  • Is respectful of other members

All eligibility requirements must have been met before submitting an online application.

Submitting an application does not guarantee membership into the chapter in which you are applying.

If an application is not accepted it is usually because eligibility requirements have not been met. An applicant can continue to attend at a $25 per meeting fee until they have met eligibility requirements, at which time their application can be reconsidered.

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