SHE Leads Group Corporate is headquartered in the Denver Metro region of Colorado in the beautiful city of Littleton, near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. SHE Leads Group produces bi-monthly (twice a month per chapter) in-person and virtual leads groups, monthly virtual networking events, quarterly in-person networking events, quarterly virtual workshops, and a training library of classes that Members, Officers and Regional Directors can access.

Support is at the heart of our culture. SHE is a trademarked acronym for Supporting Heart & Enterprise™. What does that mean to our members and our team? “Heart” is our families, or anything near and dear and personal to us. “Enterprise” is our business. Supporting Heart & Enterprise™ means we encourage members to be authentic and ask for the support they need in anything – be it our personal or professional life. Let’s face it, if our personal life is having challenges, those challenges can affect our professional life and vice versa.

To be supportive of our Regional Directors, Chapter Presidents, and Chapter Secretaries, we have a system that requires far less time than other leads and networking groups require of their team. SHE Leads Group knows that your business is your top priority and being on the SHE Leads Group team should not hinder you in that, rather help you be more successful in your own business by helping you make more connections and gain more awareness for your business.

Current Opportunities:

All of our opportunities honor the business you have. We have a system that requires far less time than in other leads and networking organizations. The following opportunities are independent contractor openings.

Regional Directors - If you are a great networker and/or already have a large sphere of influence and connections, you can start new chapters in a designated region. You'll be able to bring on Chapter Presidents and Chapter Secretaries to help at every chapter. Applications are being taken for Regional Directors anywhere in the United States. Regional Directors get a lot of perks including a generous commission on new and renewing memberships, a free Corporate Membership of their own in any chapter they form in their region, opportunities for advancement, and so much more Click here to learn more and apply.

Chapter Presidents - applications are being taken in our current Colorado Region (Receives a FREE Corporate Membership). Click here to learn more and apply.

Chapter Secretaries - applications are being taken in our current Colorado Region (Receives a half-price Basic Membership). Click here to learn more and apply.


When I first joined SHE Leads earlier this year, I was in two other networking groups. After a few short months, I saw how superior this group was, so I promptly quit the other two groups to focus solely on developing relationships in SHE. Networking with all-women instantly felt more comfortable and authentic to me, and what's more, I received quality referrals that turned into paying clients within the first month! I became a SHE Chapter President because I believe in the power of the group. I've seen it first-hand, and continue to see it week after week. The connections, the support, the personal and professional development training, the FUN -- you get it all with SHE Leads.

Michelle Brodeur, Owner of Magic by Michelle, LLC and President of the LIttleton Chapter

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and be viewed as a leader in your community?

Profile of a Successful SHE Leads Group Regional Director or Chapter President:

  1. SHE is a giver, not a taker. 

  2. SHE has a well-established network of people who know, like and trust her in the area in which she desires to start a leads group chapter.

  3. SHE has a successful business that has been established, offers a top-quality product/service, provides exceptional customer service and value. Her follow-up, follow through and organization is exemplary.

  4. SHE is a kind, polite and professional person who is willing to help her fellow leads group members.

  5. SHE desires to take her business to the next level and values the ongoing business development training she will receive through SHE Leads Group. She will enjoy training others. She is looking forward to taking the leadership role and training the curriculum offered on the SHE Leads Group website. She is excited to share and learn this training, as she knows it will help her in her own business. 

  6. SHE has a business in which she desires to make a full-time income. Her business is not a part-time, supplemental, or something she does for residual income. Rather it is something in which she desires to prosper.

  7. SHE is an enthusiastic, go-getter who will invite guests to her leads group chapter and follow up with guests.

  8. SHE loves being around people - it feeds her soul. She plans on being diligent about her meeting attendance at her SHE Leads Group chapter(s).

  9. SHE is excited to make connections and enjoys networking.

  10. SHE is a great listener and does not have a habit of interrupting people. She does not have the motive of turning conversations back on herself to bring more attention to her. She realizes that the best way to bring attention to her value is by being a great listener to people’s needs and being a resource to help them.

Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents are needed to start leads groups in the northern and southern Colorado regions, as well as across the United States. If you are a well connected and established woman in business who is interested in finding out what it takes to be a Regional Director or Chapter President, please fill out the application on the Regional Director or Chapter President page. Founder, Beth Boen will personally follow up on all inquiries. Beth Boen will personally assist Regional Directors and Chapter Presidents in setting up new leads group chapters using the SHE Leads Group business system. If you are well-connected to quality businesses and well-respected in your area, starting a leads group is easy with the SHE Leads Group Operations Manual and personal assistance of Beth Boen. 

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