Why should you know your competition and how do you get the intelligence that you need to become better in your own business. Mystery shopping the competition is a great way to get that intelligence! 

Whether you like it or not, your competition will mystery shop you, so be just as equipped and mystery shop them. It is also good to have friendly relationships with your competition, but even with a friendly, sharing relationship with your competition you won't get all the intelligence you can from a mystery shop.

What a mystery shop can reveal about your competition:

  • Their strengths and weaknesses - you can find out how their sales and customer service skills are with inquiries. You will find out if there is a lack of follow up or follow through, what their response time is, etc. Also, you can find out if they do something amazing with their inquiries. We will all be mystery shopped at one time or another, so don't feel bad about reciprocating the mystery shop. One time I did a mystery shop for five of my client's competitors. What the shops revealed was these five competitors were very slow about returning phone calls and this was in an industry where time was of the essence for prospects inquiring about their services.

  • Is their marketing working for them - believe it or not you can find this out on a mystery call. Another one of my clients gave me a direct mail postcard their competition was sending out to prospects. It had an incredible introductory offer on it. My client asked me if I thought this postcard mailer was working for his competitor. I called the number on the postcard to inquire as if I were a prospective customer. I said, "This is an amazing offer. Your phone must be ringing off the hook." I was told by the person on the phone, "You'd think the phone would be ringing, but we have gotten only a few calls."

  • Pricing, product/service features and benefits - a mystery shop can give you information about the competition's pricing model, what value added features they provide and all kinds of product/service information.

  • What are they saying about your business! You might be surprised what they say about your business.

If you are not the covert one to do the mystery shop or you are not comfortable with doing them yourself, you can hire a mystery shopping company to do it for you at an affordable rate. Mystery shopping the competition is part of doing your research to write your marketing plan. 

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About the author

Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group

Beth Boen has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service. She is an award-winning marketer. She is also a professional trainer and customer experience consultant. Beth loves helping people build long-term, loyal relationships that produce quality connections in their business that lead to lifetime customers and endless referrals. Beth helps people do this through her thoughtful blogs and training curriculum. Members of SHE Leads Group have access to more in-depth business development training through presentations at meetings from Beth, her curriculum, and guest trainers. In addition to being the Founder of SHE Leads Group, Beth has had a training and consulting business, The Voice Customer Experience, that she started in 2005.

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