One of the many challenges businesses face is overcoming their industry's poor reputation. SHE Leads Group has experienced this same thing. I was talking to one of our member's today and she was gushing about how different SHE Leads Group is over any other leads group she has ever attended. She told me how impressed she was with how engaged and focused I am with every person at the meeting. She told me how she could tell how I really cared for everyone there. She said some other very nice compliments as well. She expressed her dissatisfaction in other leads and networking groups. I might add, this person is a true giver and networker! Her business ethic is stellar and her customer service is amazing! So, what does one do when their industry has a bad reputation?

1. When your customers give you feedback that you are different/better than all your competitors, take note and ask for a written testimonial. I will be asking our member from today for a testimonial, which will be added to our testimonials page of our website.

2. If you are truly different from your competitors, chances are you are that way, because you never wanted to be in the same boat with them. You built your business with their weaknesses in mind and made sure you did the opposite. Being able to articulate your true differences that no other competitor can claim will help in your marketing material. BUT, how do you even convince them to look at your website or marketing material if they believe everyone is the same. And, everyone says, "we are so different". I had this kind of experience with chambers of commerce all saying that they were different and better than other chambers of commerce and they really were not. Instead of saying we are so different, tell stories about how you are different. Pique their interest that way.

3. Persevere. Stay positive that your business is really different. Never compromise! Stay true to your uniqueness. Provide exceptional customer service, which is a totally lost art. Don't think in terms of what you do different; think in terms of how you do it different. Your HOW is your WOW!

At SHE Leads Group, we provide the kind of business development training that will help members grow their business. We are much more than a leads group. If you want to take a look at our true differences, we welcome you to read about it. Better yet, just come to a meeting and experience the SHE difference. We welcome guests in a very different way, too. Be prepared to actually feel like you belong, before you are ever a member! If you want to be a part of the SHE movement, we have opportunities where you can start your own chapter. We are growing, because of how different we are.

About the author

Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group

Beth Boen has more than 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service. She is an award-winning marketer. She is also a professional trainer and customer experience consultant. Beth loves helping people build long-term, loyal relationships that produce quality connections in their business that lead to lifetime customers and endless referrals. Beth helps people do this through her thoughtful blogs and training curriculum. Members of SHE Leads Group have access to more in-depth business development training through presentations at meetings from Beth, her curriculum, and guest trainers. In addition to being the Founder of SHE Leads Group, Beth has had a training and consulting business, The Voice Customer Experience, that she started in 2005.

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