Recently, the founder of another leads organization invited me to one of his meetings. I was happy to accept his invitation and it seems he has a thriving organization. One thing I realized is that I really do despise the “eating meeting” leads groups. I know that is a very strong word, but it is how I feel about it. Other people might feel the opposite, and that’s ok. Not everyone hates the “eating meetings”.

Here’s why I hate the “eating meetings”. Attendees were asked to give their one minute commercials while everyone was reading the menus and the server was taking orders. As a guest, I was sincerely interested in actively listening to everyone. Unfortunately, the distractions of people asking each other questions like, “Have you had their cobb salad before?” to asking the server about different menu items, made for the commercial segment pretty useless.

The distractions continued as the server brought drinks and then food. If I am being honest, I probably only was able to actively listen to 25% of the meeting due to all of the “eating meeting” distractions. This experience reassured my unyielding stance of not having “eating meetings” in SHE Leads Groups.

When I am asked to start a new chapter, step one is to find a free meeting location. SHE Leads Group provides a free membership to the business hosting a chapter location. Host location members must still meet all the eligibility criteria. For example, if a business comes forward to host a chapter and they have a poor online presence, SHE Leads Group would not agree to have their meetings at that business.

To find out all the other ways SHE Leads Group is different from other leads groups, click here.

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