Yet another leads group is starting up in Denver. So what makes this one so different? SHE Leads Group focuses on helping moms in business, or moms in business development career roles. You need not be a mom to be in SHE Leads Group, you just have to appreciate moms. I am a mom of a 12 year old autistic son. I have to say, he is what motivated me to start something so different than any other leads group out there. It is different in many ways. My story begins with years of involvement in different leads organizations. From the large corporately owned ones, to little independent ones. I am a connector, so providing quality leads has never been a challenge for me. In fact in many of the leads groups I was a member, I was one of the top lead passers of quality leads. That brings me to the first difference.

As I researched leads organizations out there - some focus on quantity of leads over quality of leads. One group even requires a minimum amount of leads to be passed at each meeting. I have heard stories of people writing down the name and phone number of a company that they saw on a company vehicle on the way to leads meeting, just so they had something to pass. When the member who received that lead called on it, the person had no idea why they were calling. What a waste of everyone's time. Time, leads me to SHE Leads Group second difference.

Moms are strapped for time, because they have two full-time jobs. They are typically the one providing transportation to and from school and extra curricular activities. Time is limited for the mom to network. Many networking events are in the evening, which is not practical for a mom. Leads groups if they meet in the morning, mostly meet before school drop off. Then there are the lunch leads group meetings. These can be costly to eat out lunch every week. A significant portion of the meeting is ordering and eating, making lunchtime meetings more time intensive. SHE Leads Group has meetings in the morning, after school drop off. There is no need to buy a costly meal either. Additionally, since our time is so limited, we only meet twice a month. Some may argue that meeting only twice a month is bad, because your fellow leads group members won't be top of mind. Well, at SHE Leads Group, on off weeks, members are required to do one networking meeting with another member. We call those one-on-ones. It is a way to get better acquainted with every member in the group - better than just saying, "Hi, how ya doin'?" at a weekly meeting. Just because you meet weekly, doesn't mean you build quality relationships. That's another difference.

Quality relationships is what SHE Leads Group focuses. Every new member application is given to existing members. All members have the opportunity to vet a new member. If even one member has reason a legitimate concern in the applicant joining, the group takes that into consideration and votes on the matter. We are able to develop a cohesive group of people who respect one another, and who really want to help each other. Another way our group helps each other is through business development training.

SHE Leads Group is more than leads, it is leading each other to success. Thus, SHE Leads Group founder, Beth Boen provides business development training at every meeting. She has more than 30 years experience in sales, marketing, and customer service. She has taken this knoweledge and formatted weekly 20-30 minute trainings for SHE Leads Group. All the training presentations are available to members in the backend of the SHE Leads Group website. These trainings are invaluable. And, value is what one receives with a membership into SHE Leads Group.

Leads groups can charge up to $50 a month, plus a registration or application fee. Then there could be a meal to purchase on top of that. A significant portion of that money goes to a corporation. SHE Leads Group, believes in keeping costs down. Meeting rooms are donated. Volunteers who help run the chapters are not expected to pay dues. All this and more, help keep costs to a minimum. A member wishing to pay a year in advance only pays $195. One business development training session could be worth the $195 in new business by providing a new sales, marketing, or customer service tactic to attract, acquire and/or retain customers. Value isn't the only benefit of belonging to SHE Leads Group.

Additionally, SHE Leads Group allows for mothers to bring well-behaved children to the meetings when necessary. Children must not cause a disturbance and moms need to sign off on our policy for allowing children to attend. But, in other leads organizations, this would be frowned upon. That's why I say my big motivator was my son.

Some other perks of SHE Leads Group...As we grow into more chapters around Denver metro, members of existing chapters can visit other chapters for as long as their business category is not filled. Additionally, many other leads organizations only allow their members to occupy one business category. For example, the Financial Planner who also sells life insurance as one of their products, can only occupy the financial planning category, or the life insurance category. Another example is the graphic designer who also does web design. She would be required to pick one of those business categories, but would not be allowed to occupy both categories. At SHE Leads Group, a member can occupy all business categories that make sense for their line of work.

One final benefit of SHE Leads Group is our membership requirements. A member cannot be a start-up or part of a multi-level marketing (MLM) business as their primary business. We believe SHE Leads Group should be comprised of well-established businesses who already have a great network to share with others. We also require members with a good reputation. If an applicant has a bad online reputation, this will disqualify their application.

See Our Difference - a FULL List of benefits exclusive to SHE Leads Group!

Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group wants something different and better for not only her primary business which offers customer service training and mystery shopper services, but she wants to share that with other moms. Contact Beth Boen today with any questions you have.

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