What are your first impressions saying about your business?

First impressions have a major impact on how one’s professionalism, quality of work and customer service are viewed by others. Most of the time when we worry about our first impressions, we are thinking about our external customer or client. SHE Leads Group Members should think of what impact it also has on each other – being potential referral partners to one another.

At SHE Leads Group, each and every one of us is diligent about protecting our business reputation. Most, if not all of us, have worked hard to build a great reputation that has helped us grow our business. Our clients look to us as a resource for other services. Our clients often become referrals to each other in the group.

But, what happens if someone makes a bad first impression with another member in the group? What message would that person be sending to a potential power partner in the group if they say they do not have time to meet? The first impression is, “Well if you don’t have time to meet with me, how will you have time to service my clients?”

Perhaps a member of the group has even said to another member they have regular clients that need the other person’s services? Would it be wise to tell that referral partner they don’t have time to meet with them? Of course not, one would put their best foot forward to earn trust and make a good first impression.

When we think about each other in the group, let’s keep in mind not everyone knows, likes and trusts one another immediately. That takes time –

  • Time to meet and get to know each other.
  • Time to show you have great follow up and follow through.
  • Time to show that you will take as good of care of their referrals as they would.

So, if someone has requested to get together to do a one-on-one meeting, please try to make some time to get to know each other. It’s OK to say I am swamped for the next two weeks getting ready for a huge client presentation, and request to meet a couple weeks out. But, simply telling them you don’t have time, or simply ignoring the request, is not recommended.

About the author

Beth Boen, Founder of SHE Leads Group & The Voice Customer Experience

Beth Boen is on a mission at The Voice Customer Experience - to restore the lost art of providing exceptional customer service and turn the tide on poor customer service becoming the norm! Her blogs contain tips on how to provide exceptional customer service in everything you do!

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