Our process

Your application will be reviewed by our existing membership of the chapter you wish to join. This process can take up to one week, but generally happens faster. If you have questions in the meantime, please contact SHE Leads Group.

The Founder of SHE Leads Group will contact you with the chapter's decision.

When your membership is accepted the following steps are taken:

  1. You will be asked for your profile write up. You can look at how these are done by searching through the different member profiles of any chapter.
    • Basic membership allows for your photo.
    • Premium and Corporate Membership allows for your photo, logo, and back link to your website.
    • Corporate membership also allows links to all your social media and to add any credential or accreditation icons.

  2. The SHE Founder or Assistant to the Founder will be in touch with your "Members Area" login credentials so you can access the training library for SHE Members only.

  3. Upon being provided your Member credentials for the website, you should also be able to download the She SHARES mobile app. All members are asked to use the app as a tool to help them make the most of their membership. A training video on how to use the app is located on the first page of the "Members Area".

  4. A separate invoice will be emailed to you for your membership plan. Your anniversary/renewal date will be the date of your first meeting after your membership acceptance (whether present or not for that meeting).

  5. If you signed up for Corporate Membership, you will need to supply an ad that is 360px wide x 270px high in jpeg or png format.

Thank you

We are happy you have submitted an application and look forward to seeing you again soon. If you have not heard about your membership status prior to the next scheduled meeting for the chapter you requested to join, please feel free to attend that next meeting.