Company Name: Marketing Troubadour, Inc.

Your Name: Lori Dubois

Your Title: Owner

Special credentials: MLIS (Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science)

How did your business get started? I have been in advertising and marketing since my first job out of college (decades ago) working for a small daily newspaper. I started my own business in 2008, named Dubois Information, and changed the name in 2015 to Marketing Troubadour to more accurately describe the storytelling aspect of branding and marketing.

Why do you love what you do? I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners because they are inventive, brave, passionate, and hard-working. They give everything to their dream and I enjoy inspiring them, teaching them, and helping them get noticed and stay in touch with people.

What makes your business different from other businesses like yours? I rely on solid marketing and branding principles to develop an effective marketing strategy. Some firms jump right to the tactics without taking time to understand the ideal customer and the right messaging. I don’t believe in “random acts of marketing” or choosing a marketing method just because it’s the latest and trendiest platform. Different approaches work for different businesses.

Tell us about a recent business accomplishment or business success: I recently became involved in a website development project for a longtime client. The web designer didn’t understand who the company was really targeting and who their competition was. I provided extra value because I was able to communicate the right branding and overall message to the web designer in order to leverage the company’s unique differences.

Tell us anything you want to share about you and your family: I enjoy spending time hiking, cooking, and traveling with my husband, Larry; and am lucky to have my daughter and son-in-law living in Denver so we can spend time with them.

Anything else you want us to know: Businesses worry about differentiating themselves from their competitors, when in reality, no one else can possibly have the same story as you – it’s impossible. I believe marketing should be fun – everyone can be an effective storyteller, and I can help!