Company Name: COMtuity

Your Name: Amanda Cromar

Your Title: Owner/President

How did your business get started? COMtuity's story began more than 15 years ago when the founder, Carrie Olejnik, recognized an ever-increasing gap between services & products a single technology company could offer a customer and the solution that would best resolve the need that the customer had.

The idea for COMtuity was born out of a desire to better serve customers according to their needs. Carrie had come to a point in her career where she felt the best way to continue to be a true advocate and value to customers was to build partnerships with technology companies who were the very best in their area of service and products. This greatly expanded our offerings and allowed us to consistently provide clients with the right product & service for the need.

Why do you love what you do? We never stand still. COMtuity is constantly evaluating the performance, products and services of each of our partners.

From the beginning and to this day we seek to put the customer first in every conversation, every project and every struggle. COMtuity was built and continues to grow because of our laser focus on doing business with integrity, ingenuity, honesty and trust.

What makes your business different from other businesses like yours? COMtuity is a technology broker with more than 100 years combined experience. A technology broker is a unique type of technical consultant who generally doesn’t sell any product, but works with a large partner base of vendors and service providers to negotiate the best rates and technology products for your company. These technology products can range from plain old telephone service to the fastest and most reliable internet available, and everything in between.

Hiring a technology broker minimizes your costs, often provides contract negotiation and overall reduces anxiety when setting up or switching to a new product or service. Brokers arrange for faster setup and implementation allowing you to focus your time on the more important aspects of your business. Technology brokers have your best interest in mind and, although they work on your behalf, you don’t pay them a dime.

Tell us about a recent business accomplishment or business success: Enabling our customers with technology to keep their doors open and business growing through the pandemic!

Tell us anything you want to share about you and your family:
Married for 9 years!

For much of the early years of our marriage we endured infertility, treatments, and miscarriages. Very difficult years emotionally and financially. But honestly, the years of struggle brought us closer together and closer to God building a strong foundation for our futures. His dream for our family was bigger than we could even imagine and today we have a 2.5 year old daughter through the gift of open adoption. She is the light of our worlds! Fully Story here: click me

My support system in the SHE Ladies has been incredible through many of these years and I am grateful forever!!