Our featured Women of Denver Members in the Spotlight™ are our founding members and corporate members. Learn about these women as we feature a different member each month.

July 2020 - Lori Dubois, Owner Marketing Troubadour

Lori Dubois is the Owner of Marketing Troubadour. Lori has been in advertising and marketing since her first job out of college (decades ago) working for a small daily newspaper. She started her own business in 2008, named Dubois Information, and changed the name in 2015 to Marketing Troubadour to more accurately describe the storytelling aspect of branding and marketing. Lori relies on solid marketing and branding principles to develop an effective marketing strategy for her clients. Read more about Lori Dubois.


June 2020 - Amanda Cromar, President of COMtuity

Meet Amanda Cromar, a Founding and Premium Member of SHE Leads Group DTC B2B Chapter! Amands is the President of COMtuity. COMtuity is a technology broker with more than 100 years combined experience. A technology broker is a unique type of technical consultant who generally doesn’t sell any product, but works with a large partner base of vendors and service providers to negotiate the best rates and technology products for your company. A technology broker can save businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Read more about Amanda Cromar.


May 2020 - Beth Bogan, Owner of Ace Chat

Meet Beth Bogan, a Founding and Corporate Member of SHE Leads Group DTC B2B Chapter! Beth is the Owner of Ace Chat. Ace Chat is a U.S. based company that provides online chat on websites. (It's also the chat service used on our SHE Leads Group website!) Beth and her staff are trained in customer service and HIPPA compliance. Many of Ace Chat's clients are in the medical and dental industry and HIPPA compliance is very important. Read more about Beth Bogan.

April 2020 - Kandra Churchwell, Owner of Alō Goods

Meet Kandra Churchwell, a Founding and Corporate Member of SHE Leads Group Highlands Chapter! Kandra is the Owner of Alō Goods. Alō Goods is Kandra's second business. Her first business is Phases Design Studio where she has worked with many amazing businesses as a brand consultant and designer for the past 20 years. Kandra designed the SHE Leads Group branding. Read more about Kandra Churchwell and Alo Goods.

March 2020 - Suzanne Mitchell, President of Zamar Screen Printing, Inc.

Meet Suzanne Mitchell, a Founding and Corporate Member of SHE Leads Group DTC B2B Chapter! Suzanne Mitchell is the President and Matriarch of Zamar Screen Printing, Inc. Suzanne has been a member since SHE Leads Group had its humble beginnings in May of 2016. It's only fitting she be our first Member in the Spotlight. Read about Suzanne's story of how she started Zamar Screen Printing, Inc. with her husband more than 27 years ago!