SHE Leads Group has members who are well-established, have their own network to share, are supportive and can offer sound advice on business matters to fellow members. Many SHE Leads Group members have had failures and successes building their business from the ground up. They built something from nothing and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. For this reason, SHE Leads Group has a thorough vetting process:

  1. Applicant's business must be registered with the Secretary of State.

  2. Applicant's business must have been registered a minimum of one year with the secretary of state, or applicant must be able to provide information showing they have worked in their field for five years and in the geographic area in which they are applying.

  3. Applicant's business must not have a negative online presence.

  4. Applicant must work full-time in/on their business/job and be in a business development role. SHE Leads Group is looking for women who are serious about building long-term, loyal relationships to grow their business.

  5. Applicant's must exemplify exceptional customer service with not only their clients/customers, but with their referral partners, also. (i.e. professional telephone, email, texting etiquette; responsive follow-up and follow through, excellent communication skills).

  6. Applicant's business must offer a quality product/service for a fair price.

  7. Applicant should be a good networker; preferably someone who attends at least one networking event per month outside of SHE Leads Group.

  8. Applicant's business must have proper marketing materials to be seen as a credible business (website, business card, and LinkedIn or other social media business profile).

  9. The business represented in the chapter cannot be part of a Multi-level Marketing or Direct Sales company (MLM).

  10. To apply, guest must attend two meetings, conduct one-on-one networking meetings with their prospective power partners, and then fill out the online application.

  11. Applicant must have had prompt and steady meeting attendance during the time in which they were a guest.

  12. Applicant must agree to the terms and conditions of SHE Leads Group.

  13. Once the application is received, it is forwarded to the existing membership of that chapter for review. If an existing member has questions or concerns of the applicant, those are forwarded on confidentially to the Chapter or Membership Coordinator. The Chapter or Membership Coordinator will then follow up with the applicant. SHE Leads Group existing members desire to have a unanimous acceptance of the new member.

What happens if my application is declined? 

Depending on the reason for declining an applicant, the applicant may be allowed to continue coming as a paid guest ($15 per meeting).

For example, an applicant's business has not been registered with the Secretary of State for one full year, nor do they have the minimum required experience. This applicant may be allowed to continue to come as a guest, paying the per meeting price, until their business has been registered for a full year. In the meantime that business category remains open for other businesses in that category to visit and apply.