Purpose: To ensure the costs of running SHE Leads Group are covered. To ensure members are committed to the group.

Scope: To be applied to all members.

Responsible Persons: Group Founder for collecting membership dues and enforcing dues. Members for contributing for dues.

Policy: All members and guests will be required to pay a fee or provide an in-kind donation to SHE Leads Group. Membership is for one business only, but a business can occupy all the business categories that it serves. (See Member Benefits.)

The following are fees or in-kind donations accepted:

  • When a guest’s business category is not already taken by a member, guests can attend a chapter’s meetings two times free of charge. After two free visits to a SHE Leads Group chapter, guests can continue to visit for $15 per visit. They will not receive category exclusivity and the business category will remain open.

  • Start-up chapters have no fees until membership has reached 6 members. At that time, Basic membership is $195 per year to join, paid in advance annually ($250 for Premium and $600 for Corporate). Memberships are for a calendar year and are pro-rated based on the months remaining in the year. Memberships renew in January of every year. There is no membership registration fee when paying a year in advance. Month-to-month memberships are available and paid online with a recurring charge. Fees for month-to-month memberships are $25/month Basic, $30/month Premium and $60/month Corporate. Plus a $25 registration fee.

  • All fees are non-refundable, unless Group Founder agrees there are extenuating circumstances for a member to cancel membership. Membership refund, if any, is based on member being charged at full price, not the discounted paid in advance annual price. For example: a Basic member pays $195 discounted paid in advance for one year ($25 month-to-month). Six months into membership, the member has to leave for extenuating circumstances. The member would be responsible for $25 x 6 months or $150. A refund of $45 would be given if extenuating circumstances were granted by the Founder of SHE Leads Group. If a member does not uphold her member obligations as set forth in the policy and procedures, member can be asked to leave and will not receive a refund. If a meeting location change is necessary due to loss of a free location, SHE Leads Group and its members will try to find another nearby (within 5 miles) meeting location at no charge. If a free meeting location cannot be found, the group will decide whether to pay additional for a paid meeting space, or to move their membership to another chapter that does not have their business category occupied. No refunds are given for loss of meeting space, but if membership cannot be transferred immediately, that member can transfer to another chapter when their business category becomes unoccupied. Their remaining balance will be kept on hold for future membership. Member may still attend all special training events and all chapter socials and special events.

  • Volunteer Chapter Positions receive a free Premium membership while their volunteer position is occupied. (See Chapter Coordinator to inquire about the available volunteer positions and qualifications.) SHE Leads Group Founder must approve all volunteers for these positions to ensure the right candidate is placed in the right volunteer position.

  • Meeting room donors also receive a free Premium membership for the duration of the donation of the free meeting room.

  • Members providing services that SHE Leads Group would otherwise have to pay for. (Ex. printing, graphic or web design, etc.) These in-kind donations will be approved by SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen. The value of their donation will be applied to full-price membership dues (month-to-month price). For example, if a member donates $100 in printing, they would receive 4 months of free Basic membership. If a member does not uphold membership requirements and is asked to leave, there will be no refund or reimbursement of the in-kind donation. If a member who has donated something in-kind decides to leave prior to when their donation would be made whole, they forfeit the remaining amount. If a member leaves for an approved hiatus and their business category is not filled by the time they wish to return, the in-kind donation amount remaining can be applied to reinstated membership.