Is SHE Right for You?

All interested persons desiring to join SHE Leads Group must fill out and submit the online application form. An application can be submitted once a guest has visited two times and has made an effort to have one-on-ones with any existing members who might be a power partner. (Ex. A marketing copywriter wants to join. She would want to make sure she has done a one-on-one with the graphic/web designer and/or marketing/business consultant of the chapter.)

SHE is looking for serious-minded, established, professional business women who will meet the following requirements:

  1. Your business category cannot already be filled by another member. Click on the chapter you are interested in joining and review what categories current members already occupy.

  2. The business category(s) you wish to occupy must be a business you work in full-time.

  3. Attend your chapter's two meetings a month. During school breaks, you may see children off to the back of our meetings - after all, many of us are moms and the main caregiver for our children.

    Since we only meet twice a month, excessive absence will result in forfeiture of your category spot. Excessive absence is defined as two unexcused absences in a three month period, three excused absences in a three month period, or two excused absences and one unexcused absence in a three month period. The member’s business category(s) officially opens up when any of these are met and the membership fee is non-refundable. An excused absence is one which cannot be avoided or has been communicated prior to the meeting to the Chapter Coordinator. (See our full Attendance Policy) Corporate members most follow the attendance policy for both chapters they are enrolled.

  4. During off weeks, have 1, one-on-one meeting with someone in the chapter. Since we only meet twice a month, doing individual one-on-one meetings will keep members top of mind with each other.

  5. The business you will be representing in the chapter cannot be part of a Multi-level Marketing or Direct Sales company (MLM).

  6. Prospective members must provide exceptional customer experience, which includes but is not limited to:
    • Good phone, email, voice mail and text etiquette
    • Professionalism and good manners
    • Proper marketing materials to be seen as a credible business (website, business card, LinkedIn or other social media business profile)
    • Provide a quality product or service at a fair price

  7. The business you will be representing in the chapter cannot be a start-up. Businesses will be checked to be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State in good standing.

  8. Member must have more than one year of industry experience and actively network in the area of their chapter. 

  9. Members must be willing to invite guests that they know and who may be a good fit for SHE Leads Group and be active in networking.

  10. You need not be a mom to join SHE Leads Group, however, if two equally qualified applicants for the same category exist, the mom will be selected to stay true to our mission to support moms, who have essentially two full-time jobs. If you are not a mom and wish to join, we hope you are comfortable being surrounded by moms who enjoy talking about their kids, put family first, but are still serious-minded business people looking to grow profits for their business.

  11. Agree to all the SHE Leads Group Terms and Conditions.

  12. Contribute to the group in one of the following ways:
    • Hold a volunteer position in the chapter (See Volunteer Chapter Positions).
    • Provide weekly meeting venue space at a consistent location at no charge to the chapter.
    • Provide in-kind donations to help cover costs of the chapter.
    • If one of the above is not met, pay a small fee to be a part of the chapter. (Discounted paid in advance, Basic membership $195 per year ($250 for Premium and $600 for Corporate). See Membership Dues Policy)