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SHE Leads Group is looking for Chapter Coordinators who will uphold the vision of Supporting Heart & Enterprise of the professional mom in business, mom want-to-be, and woman who appreciates moms.

Chapter Coordinators and other Volunteer Chapter Positions should be persons who plan on being diligent with their meeting attendance, and have a warm, friendly, and professional demeanor. To start a chapter, it is recommended you have an established network in your area to assist with getting the word out about a new chapter forming.

Chapter Coordinators are needed to start chapters in Colorado and the Denver metro area. If you are interested in finding out what it takes to start a chapter, please contact SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen or call her at 720-722-2494. Beth Boen will personally assist Chapter Coordinators in setting up new chapters using the SHE Leads Group model. If you are well-connected to quality businesses and well-respected in your area, starting a leads group is easy with the SHE Leads Group Operations Manual and personal assistance of Beth Boen. 

Chapter Coordinators, Chapter Secretaries, and Membership Coordinators receive a free membership into SHE Leads Group. For duties and responsibilities of the Volunteer Chapter Positions, click here.

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