Ace Chat

Beth Bogan, Ace Chat – Beth has been in business 5 years and has worked in her industry longer. Internet live chat service is fairly new. There are some good ones out there and some bad ones. Ace Chat represents one of the few good ones out there. She can tell you all about what makes her company different/better than many of the other annoying ones out there. Ace Chat occupies the live internet chat category.

Ideal Client:
Any company with a website who is looking to gain more sales from website conversions. Beth does have extensive experience in the healthcare vertical and is knowledgeable on HIPPA compliance, which is a huge plus! Site visitors who chat are almost 8 times more likely to convert to a customer after using chat versus just visiting a website.

Business Power Partners:
website companies, SEO and social media companies, business and marketing consultants.

Contact Info: