Diana Jansen is a Financial Advisor for High Point Financial Group. A Financial Professional since 2014, Diana is passionate about creating strong relationships with her clients that are built on honesty, integrity and trust. She is an advocate for education and believes that the best decisions can only be made by knowing the facts and evaluating the alternatives. Rooted in her planning is helping to educate her clients about smart tax advantaged methodologies, while maintaining risk diversified portfolio allocations to help ensure an absolute balance as you work toward a sound financial future. Diana Jansen occupies the financial planner/advisor, life, disability and long term care insurance business categories.

Ideal Client:
Families, independent women, and small businesses who: 
• Have strong value and beliefs 
• Love and care about their family and employees 
• Exhibits honesty, integrity and is well respected in the community 
• Appreciates long term relationships 
• Respects financial professionals 
• Has a minimum net worth of $500,000 
• Has a desire to plan for the future and maximizing her wealth 
• Is interested in reducing taxes * 
• Has a desire to leave a family legacy 
• Has a vision of the future for her family and/or business 

Business Power Partners:
Accountants, estate planning attorneys, business consultants, mortgage brokers, realtors, senior care providers

Contact Info:
303-531-8855 (O)
303-478-3189 (C)