You do not need to be a SHE Leads Group member to be in SHE Mastermind Groups.

SHE Mastermind Group members receive access to the SHE Leads Group library of business development training.

SHE Leads Group offers all women who want to take their business to the next level the opportunity to participate in Mastermind Groups with accountability partners. 

Here's how SHE Mastermind Groups work:

  • Quarterly half-day mastermind meeting with two other members and SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen

    • Our first meeting is reviewing and editing our annual marketing plan. Some homework prior to this meeting is required. Members will be required to watch all the training videos on how to write a DIY Marketing Plan prior to this first meeting. Members need to do their best to fill out all the worksheets that go along with each of these training modules and bring these worksheets to their first Mastermind Group meeting. Beth Boen is available to answer questions by phone appointment to help each member with this preparation work. Allow yourself up to 12 hours to plan for your first meeting and write a DIY marketing plan. Preparation work for future meetings is minimal. 

    • At quarterly meetings, each member receives one hour to present their successes, challenges and goals for the upcoming quarter. The other three people will help to brainstorm ideas on how to prioritize and achieve those goals and overcome any challenges. 

    • During the last segment of the meeting, members will write down their goals for the next three months. Accountability partners are assigned. At this time, any additional business development training pertaining to the three members' goals is delivered.

  • Weekly accountability phone calls with your accountability partner.

    • Each month in the quarter, your accountability partner will rotate. 

    • Schedule a 20 minute call weekly with your accountability partner. Ten minutes is to be given to each partner to discuss how they are accomplishing their monthly goals. Partners need to hold each other accountable and offer suggestions to one another to overcome challenges in achieving their goals.

    • Each month a different member will have SHE Leads Group Founder, Beth Boen as their accountability partner. These meetings are 20 minutes long each and the focus is on that member entirely. Use this time to your advantage to get one-on-one training and consulting.

The cost for this program is $295 per quarter paid in advance or $100 per month. Mastermind Groups are comprised on non-competing businesses.

Ideal Candidate for SHE Mastermind Groups:

  • Willing to take time to work ON your business and be held accountable by someone not in your business
  • Willing to dedicate an hour a month to accountability partner phone meetings
  • Willing to dedicate 4 hours a quarter for a mastermind group meeting
  • Open to candid and honest feedback from your fellow mastermind group members and leader
  • Open to new ideas that make sense for accomplishing your goals
  • Open to trying something again that you perhaps tried before, but maybe with a revision it could work better this time

To see if you area good candidate for a SHE Mastermind Group, contact us today!